Flybox WiFi

Contextualized Visitor Data for Municipalities

Currently, municipal administrators rely on assumptions, weak data, or information that isn't tailored to their specific community to create their marketing campaigns.

Flybox WiFi fixes that.

With Flybox WiFi, your community can gather highly detailed information about its visitors including:
Zip codesFrequencyEvent-specific surveysMore....
Flybox WiFi delivers all of the information your municipality needs to make valuable, important decisions.

Should be develop this area? Is parking going to be an issue in 5 years? How many people are arriving from out-of-town?

Flybox WiFi delivers the data and tools to derive insights from those data. Not only that, but your community will receive access to a free high speed WiFi network.

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This depends on the scale and location of your application.

You'll receive a 10% discount if you pay 12 months in advance.